[EVC] Elderly Service

Weekly Service Update

May 25, 2013

Report for Elderly Service on 18th May 2013(by Liao Jia)

Participants: Wang Tingting, Evangeline, Liao Jia, Lim Ee Hwee, Han Le, Zhao Hang, Amanda and Ruth.

We gathered at Eusoff bus stop and separated into two groups to get food from three canteens.

We passed extra food from Auntie Nelly and jellies to New Uncle.

Block 2:

Auntie Lee Ah Hoong was not home.

Block 11:

Auntie Ma was not home so we passed the food to her neighbor.

Cantonese uncle said his itch was getting better but he’s bothered by some bedbugs and he asked us to help him find out FREE deinsectization.

Block 12:

Ah Ma Chan Choy Siong was not home and her neighbor told us she’ been in                     SGH for two weeks.

Aunty Nelly just had her appointment yesterday (17 May, 2013). The doctor told her she can eat anything but she refused to eat certain food because she thought they would cause her arm pain or itch. She said she wants vegetables only with leaves, fish ball or fish slice or fish without bone and tofu and she doesn’t want salty food.

Block 3:

Uncle Lee Whay, Uncle Hoo Kun Kwai, Uncle Sam Choy Meng, Auntie Leow Mee Yin and Uncle Ali were not home.

For the interviews of two elderlies from Block 2 02-155 Lim Chim Mong and Block 51 06-83 uncle, both of them were not home. We had the number of Block 51 uncle: 93354485. There was another elderly cleaning his house and said he was also doing volunteer service outside.

Things to note:

  1. Return bed sheet, pillow case and clothes to Auntie Nelly. Take note for her food preference.
  2. Try to find out free house deinsectization for Cantonese Uncle.
  3. Try to check Ah Ma Chan Choy Siong’s condition at SGH.
  4. Continue the interviews for two new elderlies.

May 17, 2013

Report for Aunty Nelly appt 17 May (by Ka Woon)

Volunteers: Ee Hwee, Ka Woon

Aunty Nelly forgot about her appt despite confirming it with us ytd, and went out to Blk 8 Senior Activity Centre to exercise. We finally found her by calling the number for the Activity Centre, which is written on her door. In future we have to remind her of her appts. If she is not at home, she is most likely around the area. Can ask the neighbours or call the Senior Activity Centre.

17 May, C Clinic, 3PM

This is a follow-up for her breast cancer. We missed this appt. Rescheduled on 7 June 2013, 325PM with Dr. Tan, whom Aunty Nelly is familiar with.

17 May, L Clinic, 430PM

This was a follow-up appt with dietician. Basically Aunty doesn’t need to avoid any food, she should take all kinds of food, and 3 balanced meals a day. Her BMI is acceptable but on the low side, 18.5. If she rejects our food next time, we can tell her that she is clear to take all food.

No follow-up needed.

Take note:

1. Appt for breast cancer on 7 June 2013, 325PM.

May 16, 2013

Report for Aunty Nelly Appt 13,16 May (by Ka Woon)

13 May, SGH Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Centre, 10AM
Volunteers: Jasmine, Chai Eng

Tested out hearing aid volume and made ear mould. Aunty Nelly’s nephew Winston (aunty refers to him as 孙grandson), came with us and paid for the hearing aid, about $1,200.

Collect hearing aid one month later on 13 June, 2PM.


16 May, Outram Polyclinic, 3PM
Volunteers: Chuxi, Ka Woon

General check-up. Patients above 85 or above 80 and using walking stick have priority at polyclinic, can enter doctor’s room after collecting queue number.

Followed up on shingles condition on left upper arm. For new interim members, take care not to touch her left upper arm because it is painful. Shingles affects the nerves directly.

Doctor prescribed:

i) same yellow pills, one month’s supply
ii) paracetamol for painkiller, many months’ supply. Aunty doesn’t apply the lidocaine gel given previously for painkilling. But she saw the paracetamol pills and said they are so big and she is scared of swallowing them. So probably she won’t take any.
iii) gel for relieving pain on her left hip. Not lidocaine gel. Aunty complained of pain on left hip, probably rheumatism. It is painful to walk so we got a wheelchair at polyclinic.

No follow up appt needed. When her medicine runs out after 1 month, just visit polyclinic again. Ask for doctor Dr Darren Chen Weiming, Aunty is very familiar with him.


We met New Uncle and Arthritis Ah Ma today.
i) Ah Ma had a fall few days ago, hurt her left forehead and eye area, previous week’s members heard that she went to hospital for that. Luckily it has been treated, she seems ok now.
ii) New Uncle said he was very hungry, asked if we brought food. From what we know, his son does not give him enough money for food. In future any extra food pls give to New Uncle.

Just something to share, all 3 elderly asked what day it was today (Thursday!). Aunty Nelly forgot to tear her calendar, lol. Coming from the elderly, this question always makes me feel their loneliness and yearning for human warmth and company. Hope that we can bring a little cheer to them every time we visit. And you will see that they really appreciate our help a lot.

Last but not least, welcome interim members! :)


Take note:

1. Collect hearing aid one month later on 13 June, 2PM.

May 5, 2013

Report for Elderly Service on 4th May 2013(by Liu Hejun)

ParticipantsHejun, Christy, Jasmine


There were only three of us and we went to arts canteen, ENG canteen and biz canteen to collect food.


Block 11


Aunty Ma was not in and we called her and then delivered the food to her neighbor. #09-98

Cantonese Uncle told us he still has itches all over his body but feels much better.


Block 12


We helped Aunty Nelly to sweep and wash her floor and helped her change her bed sheet. She gave us some clothes to wash. Next week need to bring to her.

Bedbug Uncle Side

Block 3

All the elderly in Block 3 are in.


We are very sorry to know that Cute Ah Ma has passed away. Her neighbor told us that she passed away last week and her funeral was ended already. May she rest in peace.

Things to note

  1. Pass Aunty Nelly her bed sheet, and clothes.
  2. Due to lack of manpower, we did not have time to conduct the interview, next week may need to interview the two elderly.

April 30, 2013

Report for Service on 27 Apr (by Stephanie)

Participants: Ka Woon, Victor, Stephanie

1. There were only 3 of us today so we went to the coffee shop near block 3 to pack the food. Many elderly came to ask for the food. 2 of them expressed interest in joining:
- Blk 2 #02-155 Lim Chim Mong (he will be getting his bankbook on 9 may)
- Blk 51 #06-83 uncle

2. All the elderly except Uncle Ho Chew and Cute Ahma are in.

3. Aunty Nelly didn’t want all the food except for the papaya. She told us that someone (Chai Eng?) told her that there was Indian rice with fish, without chili and coconut in it, and it seems like she wants to eat that but we aren’t sure whether she has eaten it before, or whether she was just told about it. After delivering the food, we went to her house to change her bedsheet and wash her toilet. She gave us some clothes to wash. We gave the pack of food that she didn’t want to an uncle at the Blk 3 coffee shop.

3. Uncle Ali said that he will be going for his eye checkup on 23 May and 7 August.

4. Cantonese Uncle has itches all over his body. He said that it was due to bedbugs. He has scratched his arms so much that the skin on his left arm broke. He also told us that recently his heart has been feeling weak, causing him to have to walk slower and not exert so much.

Things to note:

1. Pass Aunty Nelly her bedsheet, pillow case and clothes.

2. Interview the 2 elderly (uncle Lim Chim Mong after 9 May)

April 20, 2013

Aunty Nelly’s Appointment (18th April) by Ruth (-:

Ximeng and Ruth met at 8am to head down to fetch Aunty Nelly for her appointment at J Clinic scheduled for 915am.

1) Aunty Nelly says that the areas affected by shingles still hurt and itch, but the doctor says that her condition is alot better already, but still sensitive.
*So remember not to touch them during service guys! Her upper arms especially!

2) She also had some fungus at her bum area which is better too. If i recall correctly, she says that she hasn’t been using the fungal cream prescribed. But the doctor says that if she keeps her bum area clean, using the moisturizer given to her previously will suffice.

3) She was prescribed some medication (something like a painkiller) to take at night. The doctor told her that if her shingles hurt alot, she may take Panadol as well.

4) The doctor also wrote a Polyclinic referral letter for Aunty Nelly. She thinks this is better as Aunty Nelly is already taking her medications from the Polyclinic. In the event that she needs more medication or see a doctor, the doctor says that all we have to do is bring Aunty Nelly and the referral letter down (-:

5) According to the doctor, (based on the previous amount of medication prescribed if i’m not wrong) Aunty Nelly’s next appointment at the polyclinic is on the 21st of May (2 months from her previous one). As for her next appointment with J Clinic, it is fixed on the 17th April, 2014 (Thursday) at 1030am (-:

So sorry for the late update guys! For some reason i have zero internet connection in school, might be my laptop :-/ hence i’m only posting now from home!
Also, Ximeng and i were very lucky to have bumped into Yang Sheng when we were about to set off to fetch Aunty Nelly, and he offered to give us a lift ((-: He also accompanied us all the way, and even sent us and Aunty Nelly home after the appointment, hence we did not spend any money on cab fare that day! Being rather fluent in dialects, his company was timely as Ximeng and i were unable to communicate very effectively with Aunty Nelly (given our below-proficient Hokkien >.<)
So thanks again Yang Sheng! Your help and presence was really appreciated ((-: hope you'll see this when you join us during Interim/EVC next year (-:

April 20, 2013

Report for Service on 20 Apr (by Ka Woon)

Participants: Gejing, Amelia, Chuxi, Liao Jia, Zijiang, Yangyanqiliu, Ka Woon, Ruth

1. Pass one packet of food to Aunty Lee Ah Hoong, because Blind Uncle no longer needs it (he is in nursing home now). Return Aunty Lee Ah Hoong 1 bedsheet 1 pillow case. Wash her clothes separately from Aunty Nelly, because Aunty Lee is conscious about Aunty Nelly’s shingles. Shingles is a painful skin rash that can spread through pus from the skin blister (Ruth you wanna update us on her skin check up? :) ).

2. We bought 1 new bedsheet and 1 pillowcase to replace the lost one. Return Aunty Nelly 1 bedsheet, 1 pillow case, and her clothes. Avoid touching Aunty Nelly on her left upper arm where the painful blisters are. She seems to be looking forward to getting her hearing aid.

Info about shingles: http://www.hpb.gov.sg/HOPPortal/programmes-article/740

3. Auntie Seah no longer goes to exercise in the morning, so she should be at home on Saturdays now.

4. Cantonese Uncle is having lots of phlegm, hopefully it will get better. He passed us cup noodles and biscuits to give to other elderly. We gave them to New Uncle and Auntie Seah respectively.

5. We passed Aunty Roseita medicated oil for pain and moisturizer for dry scaly skin. She asks for cream to relieve itchiness on her legs. Seems like itchiness is the main problem bothering her.

6. Ah Ma Chan Choy Siong: She just came back to her house. She was feeling very dizzy and out of breath. Her condition looks quite bad. She was resting outside her door when we left.

7. New Uncle is usually very hungry. Pass the food to him at Blk 13 first.

8. Mother & Son: According to neighbour, the son goes out everyday on his own. Today he was going to church. We met him after service sitting on the ground with his trolley (he walks with the help of trolley because he has cerebral palsy) at the void deck. Two workers nearby helped to carry him to the roadside to wait for taxi. When a taxi finally turned in, he asked the driver to drive him for $2, the driver agreed.

9. Cat Uncle: The smell at his unit is rather overpowering. So is the smell on Uncle. It seems he has not been maintaining personal hygiene for many days.

Take note:

1. Pass one packet of food to Aunty Lee Ah Hoong, because Blind Uncle no longer needs it.

Return Aunty Lee Ah Hoong 1 bedsheet 1 pillow case.

Wash her clothes separately from Aunty Nelly’s.

2. Return Aunty Nelly 1 bedsheet, 1 pillow case, and her clothes.

Avoid touching Aunty Nelly on her left upper arm where the painful blisters are. 

She has an upcoming appt for her hearing aid on 14May, 10am.

3. Bring Aunty Roseita medicine for relieving itchiness. (I think she needs some dermatological cream like anti-histamines, but perhaps it is better for her to get a prescription from doctor for this.)

4. Pass the food to New uncle at Blk 13 first.

April 14, 2013

Report for Elderly Service on 13th April 2013(by Sun Shangya)

Participants: Qianwen, Manqing, Erick, Hejun, Jasmine, Liao Jia, Zhiying

  •   Because Blind uncle is not there, we have one more food, and we pass it to Aunty Lee Ah Hoong. She said that we can pass extra food to her if we have, so that it won’t be wasted.
  • We didn’t bring Aunty Aunty Roseita’s medicine, but Qianwen said that she will pass it to Aunty Roseita before next ES.
  •   Every time there should be a person who can speak Cantonese in Mandarin Uncle side, otherwise we cannot communicate with Aunty Nelly. On Sat, we have to call people who understand Cantonese to help us communicate with Aunty Nelly.
  • We should give back the cloth and sheet to Aunty Nelly, however, we miss the sheet on the way. I trace back the way we went there, even the taxi and arts canteen, but cannot find Aunty’s sheet and pillowcase. (Amelia is trying to replace them)
  •   Next week IC remember to collect the bag of Aunty Nelly from me
  •   Be careful of the mosquito there.

April 11, 2013

Report for Aunty Nelly’s appointment on 8 Apr (by Stephanie)

Participants: Ka Woon & Stephanie

We reached Aunty Nelly’s house at about 3pm to fetch her to the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Centre at Singapore General Hospital for her checkup for her ears. Her nephew, Winston, was there and he was going to accompany her there as well. He mentioned that the mechanism for the doorbell was not working because when someone rang the doorbell, the bulb in the house did not flicker even though it was supposed to. The bulb was installed because Aunty Nelly could not hear very well.

We reached the centre earlier than 3:50pm, the time of Aunty Nelly’s appointment. However, the wait that day was more than an hour long due to the large crowd.

While waiting for our turn, we found out that Aunty Nelly’s shingles were on the left side of her body. There is a dark mark on her left arm, possibly due to her singles. Her legs have no strength as well. In addition, since the social worker told us that the waiting time for Aunty Nelly’s dentures is 3 years, Winston made an appointment with his private dentist to bring Aunty Nelly there the next day (9 Apr). Winston is the son of Aunty Nelly’s younger sister. Aunty Nelly is the oldest of 7 children. Her brother, Michael, is the youngest, and has been our source of contact. We also found out that Aunty Nelly only eats fish and pork and vegetables. This is due to her teeth problems and health consciousness. That is why she is more picky about her food.

During the checkup, the doctor said that Aunty Nelly’s hearing has not deteriorated from the last checkup. Aunty Nelly would have to have hearing aids made for her. The hospital contacted Ka Woon later this week to inform her that Aunty Nelly’s appointment for her hearing aid is on 14 May, 10am at the ENT Centre. She will be seen by an audiologist. If she is suitable for a hearing aid, she can purchase one after paying 50% deposit. The follow up for the ear checkup is on 14 Oct, 2pm at the ENT Centre.

After seeing the doctor, Winston brought Aunty Nelly to the food court in the hospital for dinner and we cabbed back to hall.

Things to note:

1. Aunty Nelly only eats fish, pork and vegetables (chicken is too hard).

2. Appointment for hearing aid is on 14 May, 10 am at the ENT Centre.

3. The follow up for the ear checkup is on 14 Oct, 2pm at the ENT Centre. Be there by 1:30pm to do a hearing test first. Consultation with the doctor is at 2pm.

4. To the members going with Aunty Nelly for the checkups in the future, remember to contact Winston.

April 7, 2013

Report for Elderly Service on 6th April 2013(by Xiao Qianwen)

Participants: Zijiang, Ximeng, Tingting, Qianwen, Hejun, Xinyue, Gejing, Suzzane


  1. When we were packing the food in Chinatown, a stranger came to us and kept complaining about the PAP which caused us a lot trouble.
  1. From next week onwards, we only need to collect 20 packs of food.

Mandarin Uncle Side:

Block 12


Aunty Roseita needs us to buy the ointment for her to help her relieving itching. Next week’s IC need to get it from Tingting.


We helped Aunty Nelly to sweep the floor. We took her clothes and her bed sheet to wash.  Next week need to bring all the clothes back to her.


Block 13


We passed the electrical kettle to Arthritis Ah Ma. Next week need to ask her whether she knows how to use it or not.

Bedbug Uncle Side

Block 51


According to Groceries Auntie’s son, Groceries aunty has passed away and her neighbor told us that groceries auntie’s son has been treating her very badly. We recorded what her neighbor said and try to see whether we can do something for her.


Cute Ah Ma said that her legs were still very weak.